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Start driving in the UK - The ultimate guide

Driving in the United Kingdom is a relatively simple process thanks to the fluent flow of the new website. Before the change, motorists had to go through hoops and hurdles to make application after application. Now, the whole process has been streamlined into one government portal.

How to apply for your first provisional driving license

Applying for your first driving license is a pretty straight forward process. Before you can get a full and complete driving license, you must first apply for a provisional license. This is the license that you will show to your driving instructors as part of taking your lessons.

How to book your theory and practical driving test

Booking your theory and practical tests is all done through the new and official website. Firstly, you must book and pass your theory test. You cannot book your practical test until you have a pass certificate number from the DSA theory examination.

How The Highway Code could save your life

The Highway Code may seem a little bit dull, but it's an invaluable resource that learners in the UK should be picking up, even before you turn a wheel in a car. Here we'll tell you why the Highway Code is so important for passing your theory and driving tests not to mention your entire life on the UK roads.

How to become a UK driving instructor

Ever fancied becoming a driving instructor and boosting your income? Read our guide and you'll be well on your way to passing your ADI course in no time.