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All you need to know to book your first theory and practical driving test

Becoming a driving instructor is something which you should always consider in-depth before beginning along your journey. While the main purpose of a driving instructor is to teach pupils how to drive, it's important to note that you won't be following a set of guidelines or a book. Unlike school teachers, for example, you are required to develop your own instructional methods and guidelines for yourself to follow. As such, many people often find this difficult once they have become a driving instructor. You must be mentally and physically prepared to create your own learning style, and be willing to teach your own set of driving tuition to your pupils. In addition, if you are considering working alone and forming your own business, you will need to market your business yourself.

In order to become a driving instructor, you must have the following documents at hand before engaging the application process; your full driving license number, your criminal record disclosure number and the date in which it was produced, details of any motoring or non-motoring offences, and any disqualifications from driving which you have received, in addition to details of any court cases that have been brought against you in the past, or set to be brought against you in the future. You can start the application process to become an official ADI (Driving Instructor) by heading over to:

The application process can also be completed by post, although it's always advised to apply via the internet as the application is quicker, and fairly straight forward.

It's important to understand that if you have had any criminal charges brought against you in the past, this may hinder your chance to become a qualified driving instructor. During the application process, the DSA will perform rigorous background checks and criminal checks to ensure that you're suitable for the role of being an official driving instructor. As such, it's always advised that you go into the application with open hands, and be thorough in your application, as you don't want something to come up at a later date which you failed to mention.

Becoming a driving instructor is similar to becoming a driver. You will undergo tuition from a qualified driving instructor. You will need to undertake regular lessons with your instructor, and learn as you go along. From there, you will be expected to pass both a theory test and a practical test - in the same manner as normal drivers. However, it's important to note that both of these tests are much harder for driving instructors. For example, the standard theory test for drivers contains 50-questions, whereas the ADI theory test contains 100-questions. As such, you must be willing to further engage your mental learning process to thoroughly understand the roads.

As part of the practical test, you will be expected to demonstrate that you can effectively teach pupils. You will be monitored and recorded on activities such as noticing dangers, being able to take control of the vehicle, demonstrating a passion for teaching; including having the patience, dedication and motivation needed to help your pupils succeed.

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